Here at Rosella Floral Designs we are experienced in creating a wide variety of ceremonial flowers for all manners of occasions including Weddings, Christenings, and Masses.

Ceremony Flowers and decorations come in various styles including:


Entrance Displays:

Entrance Displays come in a wide variety of floral arrangements including in urns, ceramic vases or even simple boxes. As these are generally located at the entrance of the ceremony venue they are the first floral pieces which your guests will notice, and thus it is important that they are welcoming and tie-in with the overall theme of your wedding.

Altar Displays:

Traditionally large or small floral arrangements on or bordering the altar. Like most other floral pieces, they come in a variety of sizes and styles, but traditionally either one large or two smaller arrangements are used. Flowers for altar displays can come packaged in any way you like, including in a range of urns, vases or boxes as you may desire.

Pew Flowers:

Pew flowers are traditional decorations of wedding ceremonies. They come in different designs, shapes and styles. From one single bloom to elaborate floral designs with bows or just foliage. 

Rose Petals:

Traditionally flower girls sprinkle the rose petals they carry in their baskets before the bride enters the ceremony. Alternatively, florists can scatter the rose petals before the bridal party's arrival to the ceremony location. Beautifully scattered rose petals help reflect the mood of the wedding day, and make delightful photographs that capture the moment forever. 

Ceremony Arches:

Ceremony arches are very popular for garden and outdoor weddings. They are considered to be very romantic and elegant. 

Please see below for a range of previous creations.