As with all things in nature, the seasonal availability of flowers depends heavily upon weather and climate conditions, so whilst the following list details the general availability of flowers in Sydney, we cannot guarantee their availability at a particular time (but we will take reasonable efforts to deliver flowers that suit your needs).


By ensuring that you choose flowers which are in season, it is possible to reduce the cost of your flowers (of course it is possible to obtain flowers which are out of season, but the costs associated with doing so will rise accordingly).



September, October, November

Anemone, arum lily, azalea, baby's breath, blackberry, carnation, cherry blossom, daisy, delphinium, dodda vine, freesia, gerbera, hyacinths, iris, jasmine, lavender, lilac, lily of the valley, narcissus, natives, phalaenopsis orchid, peonies, raninculus, roses, oriental lily, tiger lily, snapdragon, sweet pea, tulips & waratah.


December, January, February

Agapanthus, anthuriums, Calla lily, cattleya orchid, chrysanthemum, dahlia, dancing lady orchids, freesia, garden rose, David Austin rose, roses, gardenia,  gerbera, gladiolus, hydrangea, lavender, leucadendron, lisianthus, oriental lily, peony, phalaenopis orchid, Singapore orchids, sunflower, spider orchid, Vanda orchids, zinnia


March, April, May

Amaranthus, arum lily, Australian Native flowers, baby's breath, belladonna lily, berries, bouvardia, calla lily, carnations, chrysanthemum, dahlia, David Austin roses, delphinium, flowering ginger, gardenia, gerbera, gumnuts, hyancinth, hydrangea, kale, kangaroo paw, leucadendrons, lisianthus, November lily, pomegranate, poppies, ranunculus, oriental lily, roses, siam tulip, tulip waterlilly & twigs


June, July, August

Anemone, apple blossom, arum lily, banksia, berries, camellia, cherry blossom, cornflower, cymbidium orchids, daffodils, freesia, geraldton wax, helleborus, French lavender, hyacinth, japonica, jasmine, lisianthus, magnolia, parrot tulips, phalaenopsis orchids, poppy, protea, ranunculus, sweet pea, succulent, tulip, violet